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Certification Program
The Prison Industry Enhancement (PIE) Certification Program is a partnership between the TDCJ and a private company, allowing the company to employ offenders that have volunteered to be part of the program. The offenders are paid by the private company and deductions are taken from those wages to help pay for the offenders room and board, dependent support, restitution and a contribution is made to the Crime Victims’ Compensation Fund.
The PIE Certification Program was created by Congress in 1979 to encourage states and units of local government to establish employment opportunities for offenders in realistic working environments, pay them wages, and enable them to acquire marketable skills to increase their potential for successful rehabilitation and meaningful employment upon release.

The PIE Certification Program began operations under the Parole Division in 1993. In an effort to expand the program, it was moved to the Manufacturing & Logistics Division in 2000. Fiscal year ’07 marked the 14th year of the PIE Certification Program in Texas. During those fourteen years the program has evolved from a small program employing 11 offenders, at one private facility, to a program, which employed an average of 398 offenders, at one private facility and three TDCJ units. During the past seven years, the program has more than doubled the number of offender participants

**Figures for 2007 are through 8/31/07
As you can see below, the PIE Certification Program has saved taxpayers over ten million dollars (room and board paid by the offenders) since the programs inception, while allowing offenders to prepare for their transition back into society
Note: Offender wages are paid by the private sector employer, not the state of Texas.

More than 14 million dollars of offender earnings (room and board deductions) have been deposited in the state’s General Revenue Fund since the program’s inception.
On average, for each offender that was employed in FY ‘07, $4,684.43 was deducted for room and board, $431.20 deducted for family support, $491.96 deducted for victims programs and $38.60 deducted for restitution.

During FY ’07 the PIE Certification Program consisted of the following operations:
Chatleff Controls
OnShore Resources
Atrium Company
Direct Trailer
Texas International Hardwoods and Veneers
Air Conditioner Parts
Computer Components
Trailer Beds
Veneer Products
Lockhart Work Facility
Lockhart Work Facility
Coffield Unit
Michael Unit
Ellis Unit
400 Offenders *
*Average Number of Offenders Employed

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